IUMS congratulates Pope Tawadros II on election

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The International Union for Muslim Scholars
Congratulates Bishop Tawadros II, Bishop of Alexandria for election as Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church

The International Union for Muslim Scholars eyes the common history between Muslims and Copts in Egypt with respect and appreciation. Their history abounds with examples of tolerance and mutual respect, and affirms that common, core values between Muslims and Copts are too many to count. It is a fact that Muslims hold deep respect for Maria, the Egyptian Coptic woman who gave birth to Prophet Muhammad’s son Ibrahim who died at a young age.

History is witness to the unique relations between Egypt’s Muslims and Copts and to the return of monks to their places of worship during the Islamic conquest, the security they were given over their souls and their beliefs, the preservation of their churches and monasteries, the years they lived side by side, and the achievements they made hand in hand in building the country.

This is the approach Egyptians must adopt at this time with their various spectrums and inclinations on the way to the revival of their country. It is the safe road to building modern Egypt, the effective treatment for Egypt to recover from its setback and see the light of a hopeful tomorrow, and the safe fortress in the face of the instigators of sectarian strife and the brokers of inter-religious disturbances.

The International Union of Muslim Scholars seizes the opportunity of electing Pope Tawadros II to offer sincere congratulations and pray to God to guide the Pope’s steps for more brotherly relations between Muslims and Copts inside Egypt and abroad and toward serious work for the development of Egypt, its rise and civilization.

Doha 23 of Dhul Hijja, year 1433 of Hijra
November 8th 2012

Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi                                                    Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
IUMS Secretary                                                             General IUMS President