The IUMS Condemns the horrendous recurrent massacres against Muslims in Burma

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The International Union of Muslim Scholars
Condemns the horrendous, recurrent massacres against Muslims in Burma, urges OIC and UN to act immediately, send peacekeeping forces to protect the Rohingya society, calls for OIC emergency meeting.

All praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon Muhammad, Allah’s messenger, and his family, companions, and followers,
The International Union of Muslim Scholars has been following the killing and burning of thousands of villages undergoing in the Rakhine state in Burma, as well as the continued and renewed heinous attacks carried out in cooperation with local police and the collective migration that either sends people into arrest camps or leaves them beleaguered by continuous threats of death and killing. The gravity of this situation leaves no other option for international organisations but the deployment of forces without delay to contain this ethnic manslaughter.

Within view of these incidents and the crimes committed, the IUMS confirms the following:
1- The IUMS condemns the heinous crimes of murder, displacement, forced migration and discrimination committed against our brothers and sisters in the Rakhine state in Burma under the supervision of the central government.
2- The IUMS holds the Myanmar government accountable politically, legally, and humanly for this criminal acts against a part of its people. The Union calls them to immediately stop the violence against Muslims and seek to relocate the displaced citizens back in their homes and villages.
3- The IUMS strongly urges the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Muslim governments to take immediate action to stand by the vulnerable Muslims in Burma, and start communications through diplomatic visits to alleviate the current, ongoing crisis. The IUMS particularly urges the OIC to summon an emergency meeting for the foreign ministers of Muslim countries to discuss the repercussions of this issue, and implement the resolutions and recommendations of the Islamic Solidarity Summit held in Mecca last Ramadan/August.
4- The IUMS demands the UN to deploy peacekeeping forces to protect the Rohingya society and to fulfil their duty in preventing these serious crimes against a specific category of people on the basis of religion. The IUMS urges the international organisation to adopt its complete responsibility to immediately stop these recurrent massacres and forced migration and demands rights and relief organisations to defend this human cause and demand the prosecution of the perpetrators of these racist crimes.
5- The IUMS demands charities and relief agencies to fulfil their duty toward these displaced people who, in addition to discrimination and displacement, suffer poverty and starvation. The Union points out at the same time that the neighbouring Bangladesh is also in dire need of support. The Union extends appeals to these organisations to play their roles in providing relief, as God will ask us on Judgment Day about these people if some of them die due to starvation when we haven’t done our part.
6- The IUMS calls on all Muslims all over the world to express their solidarity with the Rohingya through the available lawful means and urge their countries and the OIC to send delegations to pressure the government to stop these massacres against Muslims in Rohingya, and declare Friday the 17th of Dhul Hijja and the 2nd of November a day for solidarity with the Rohingya people in Burma.
And from Allah we seek assistance!

Doha: 16 December 1433 e

Q: 01/11/2012.

Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi                                                                 Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
IUMS Secretary                                                                         General IUMS President