Sheikh Qaradawi receives Iranian Ambassador

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Iranian Ambassador Abdullah Sahrabi visited renowned scholar Prof. Youssef El-Qaradawi at the end of his term as ambassador for his country in Doha. Sheikh Qaradawi wished Sahrabi good luck and Godspeed wherever he lands.
Sheikh Qaradawi stressed during the meeting the importance of supporting the Syrian revolution and standing behind nations not rulers and individuals.
He said: "Arab nations rose in a blessed awakening, and the children of the Arab Spring, men and women, young, and old and children rose searching for their freedom, demanding dignity and honor. The heroic Syrian people are not any less in status than the nations that preceded them on the road to freedom.”
He added that the effective treatment for the Syrian issue must be based on honesty and openness away from diplomatic compliments that do not serve anyone in such a situation.
The Head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars said that Assad will inevitably go, and that no one will dissuade the Syrian people from (demanding) their legitimate rights after the bloodshed, after sanctities were violated and possessions appropriated. He clarified that "The lessons of history teach us not to talk today with yesterday’s words, because history won’t turn back and history has a logic that it imposes on life. The era of submission is over.”
"Syrians have uprooted the seeds of fear and are now in control of the struggle, facing with bare chests army aircrafts, tanks, and missiles.”
The sheikh believed that the incidents in Syria are a natural extension of the previous incidents in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen and far from being an external conspiracy as the Syrian regime propagates.
Qaradawi affirmed that all unions of Syrian scholars support the Syrian revolution and stand by it step by step except a few whose hearts were blinded and who ran to the embrace of oppressive rulers.
The respected sheikh saw that what happens in Syria is a major crime and hoped that Iran will stand by the Syrian people because this is the truth; it is a fair cause and because rulers will be gone but only nations remain.
Qaradawi also stressed the sanctity of Muslim blood whether Sunni or Shiite or any other sect.

Prof. Ali Al-Qaradaghi, Secretary General of the IUMS, was also present at the meeting in addition to Counselor Imam Zada, the cultural advisor of the union, Counselor Kiani Abdul-Majeed, media advisor for the Iranian embassy