IUMS rejects Egyptian de facto government decision to list MB as terrorist organization

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IUMS rejects Egyptian de facto government decision to list MB as terrorist organization

All praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon Muhammad, His messenger, and upon his family, companions, and followers.

The International Union of Muslim Scholars severely condemns the decision by Egyptian de facto government to categorize the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. The decision comes as a pretext to confiscating MB funds, convicting its members and hampering its political future. The union thus regards the step - and subsequent coup, identity killing, arbitrary arrests, and hijack of freedom – as a way of disparaging the dignity of Egyptian people, and an assault on the rights and values mandated by all heavenly laws and approved by human minds in international conventions and agreements. Hence, the union views and asserts the following:

1- The attempt to label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization will not deceive anyone. Subsequent regimes have previously failed to market this idea and the people were conversely convinced that these dictatorial coup regimes are the true terrorists. People have known the Muslim Brotherhood for better and worse and given them their trust in ballot boxes in all free legislative, presidential and other elections.

Had the MB been a terrorist organization adopting violence as a method and instigating it, they would have resorted to violence while watching their followers and children being killed barbarously in massacres of the Republican Guards, the Manassa Memorial, Rabia, Nahda and after. Had they fit the description, they would have utilized violence while their leaders are being sent to prisons, their women and young people being assaulted. In reality, it is the failure and deficiency that drive the coup government to act with such lack of awareness and integrity.

2- The union calls all agencies and organizations fighting for human rights, dignity, and freedom, as well as peace-loving countries and parties to condemn this step along with other actions taken by the coup government in Egypt.

3- The union sees the step as a closure of all paths of peaceful resolution, and hence strongly urges all Islamist and national powers in Egypt to reject this decision by all possible means out of caution for the future of Egypt, its security and safety.

4-The union calls all Islamic and national anti-coup movements to keenly observe the peacefulness of their struggle, keep away from all forms of violence, extremism, and internal strife which the coup government attempts to drive society in its direction.

{And Allah has full power over His affairs, but most among mankind know it not}

23 Safar, 1435 H

28 December, 2013

Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi                                                                   Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

IUMS Secretary General                                                               IUMS President