IUMS condemns bombing in Ashrafiyeh

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IUMS condemns bombing in Ashrafiyeh, warns the outcome for stability in the region, calls the Arab world to rise to responsibility in Syria

All praise be to Allah, and prayers and blessings be upon our Messenger, Muhammad, who was sent as mercy from Allah to the worlds, and all his brothers of messengers and prophets, and those who follow them righteously till judgment day.
The International Union of Muslim Scholars has been following closely the disturbed situation in Lebanon due to the influences of the popular uprising in Syria, and attempts by the criminal Syrian regime to crush its people, broaden the scale of conflict to include Turkey one time, Lebanon another, and insistence on suppressing the revolution with tanks and gunships, army and thugs, and agents in Syria and abroad with the aim of remaining in power even if over the corpses of its own people, and through total destruction. To that effect, the Syrian regime has committed the most atrocious crimes against humanity without any sentiment toward the blood spilled, the sanctities violated, the homes destroyed using explosive barrels and cluster bombs and more…
Seeing this situation, the IUMS stresses the following:
1- Condemns the bombing that killed the intelligence chief of Lebanese Internal Security Brigadier General Wissam Al-Hassan, and left a number of civilians dead or wounded.
2- Warns the consequences of this heinous crime for the stability and security of Lebanon and the whole regions. The Union hence urges the Arab and Muslim world as well as international organizations to stand by Lebanon in order to preserve the country’s security and stability, prevent plunging into chaos once again, and ensure the implementation of the Taif and Doha Accords.
3- Seizes the opportunity to assert that leaving the Syrian issue unresolved, refrain from supporting the Syrian people, and giving space to the oppressive regime to kill its people while the world watches without taking any actual steps are among the main reasons for these crimes.
Bashar Al-Assad had threatened to turn the whole region into a region of wars and sedition and the repercussions have appeared in Lebanon in addition to his attempts to flare sectarian strife across the Muslim world, and racial and sectarian agitation in Syria and Turkey.
For this reason, we call the whole world to stand by the Syrian people, and save them from the oppression of this tyrant and his schemes or else we would see many problems and seditions in the region.
4- The IUMS renews its urgent calls to the Arab, Muslim, and human world and to international organizations; Arab, Islamic and international ones, to seek all means possible to save the Syrian people, and give them back their freedom, sovereignty, and dignity.
"And Allah has full power over His affairs; but most among mankind do not know.”
And in Allah we seek assistance!

PhD. Youssef Al-Qaradawi                PhD. Ali Al-Qaradaghi

IUMS President                            IUMS Secretary General