Sheikh Qara Daghi meets the Minister of Women in the Malaysian state "Kelantan"

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On Saturday afternoon, May 21, 2016 Sheikh Ali Qara Dagi - Secretary-General of the IUMS – has met Mrs. Mumtaz binti Md Nawi - Minister of Women in the Malaysian state "Kelantan"  , and the delegation accompanying her, in the head office of the Union in Doha the capital of Qatar.

Sheikh Qara Daghi discussed with Ms. Mumtaz  the prospects of joint cooperation between the Union and Malaysia in general and in particular the activities related to the family and protection in particular.

Qara Daghi gave the Minister a copy of the Global Compact of the family, which was issued by the World Conference on the Charter of the family, which was held this year in the Turkish city of Istanbul, organized by the Union and cooperation with the Federation of Islamic Organizations in the Islamic world, where the conference resulted in a global pact that will be put on the international community to be the Global Compact authorized to regulate the affairs of the family and not an agreement "CEDAW", which received wide international objections.

Sheikh Qara Daghi also stressed that the Charter was adopted on the balance that leads to the philosophy of fair equality, but equality is not based on fairness and justice, saying that the principle of balance the top and the most important and can provide good family around the world.

The minister promised to adopt the Charter within Malaysia either by submitting it to the government to study the support in the international corridors, as well as to open civil discourse about it at conferences and forums; especially those related to the family and the women.

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